I’m nearly two months into redoing the Stage’s core material and it’s time for another quick update on my progress. There’s some news on the core mechanics, as well as on the hefty goals I had set for myself concerning Powers and Spells!

Core mechanics

In my previous update, I wrote that I finished a first draft the core mechanics. Over the past weeks, I’ve done some more work on this draft, based on the input that I received so far and the first experiences of playtesting some of these new rules (check out the campaign logs for more information).

The next big thing for the core mechanics is writing examples. As I wrote earlier, I am unhappy with the examples that are currently in the Core Rulebook and the Supernatural Rulebook, because they are too wordy, too detailed, and there are too many of them (not to mention they're outdated). With the core mechanics largely finished, I can now start writing new ones, but it will take a while. Luckily, I have managed to free up some hours in my diary, so I should get around to it.

Powers and Spells

Oh happy day! The foundations have been laid for the grand total of 234 Spells and 432 Powers. This was a big challenge and one of the main objectives of this rewriting exercise, and I’m very pleased with the results. In the coming weeks, I’ll balance and rebalance these for a while, before I will go on to write detailed descriptions, after which I’ll probably have to balance them some more. Rituals will follow last, as they are derivatives of Spells and cannot be completed until I’m completely satisfied with the Spells.

Path forward

In the meanwhile, I’m still working on the setting of the Spine. It’s proving to be a great outlet for my more bizarre ideas (as evidenced by the stories set in the Spine that I’m producing). I’m really looking forward to playtesting this setting; if the Stage works with this, it will work with anything.

Of course, there is still a lot of love for the Verden setting: I’ve already scribbled down some ideas for more adventures; hopefully, producing a first draft of the Verden Sourcebook is up when I finish the new Core Rulebook and the Spine setting.

Exciting times!

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