I’m nearly a week into redoing the Core Rulebook and the Supernatural Rulebook. Progress has been very good so far, and I thought I’d leave a quick update on where I am right now.

I’ve decided to take this opportunity to not only introduce the changes that I’ve announced in the Dev updates, but also to iron out any other problems the Stage has (and that I’m aware of), fix the rules for clarity and brevity, and remedy some unfortunate design choices that I lacked the knowledge and insight to spot when I made them.

One book to rule them all

One of the big changes is that the Core Rulebook and Supernatural Rulebook will be united into one. I made the choice to keep these books separate because I want the Stage to be able to work without magic. While that’s a good idea, it’s not something that’s necessarily facilitated by creating two different books: that only makes things more complicated. So that design choice is out the window.

Examples of how not to write examples

Another big thing is the examples currently worked into the books. I have mixed feelings about these: on the one hand people are happy they’re there because they really do clarify, but on the other hand they are way off on quantity and quality. I don’t want to insult the intelligence of readers by giving examples for things that are self-explanatory, and I don’t want to bore readers with details or flowery language when I do decide to use an example. So these will be redone.

Leveled Action Defense Point Damage Definition of Power Level Powers

Definitions... People have rightly pointed out in the past that the Stage suffers from too-many-definitions-syndrome. I write stuff like ‘To perform a Leveled Check, distribute the Dice in the Dice Pool towards 1) performing the Action and 2) scoring Effect Points, where the number of Effect Points scored equals Body Damage dealt.’ Are you still with me? Probably not. I came up with these definitions with the best of intentions: to clarify and create a consistent system. Unfortunately, I seem to have gotten lost somewhere along the way, so I’ll have a thorough look at this and see what I can do to bring this kind of stuff back safely from outer space.

Modular robots with mind shields!

Speaking of outer space, thinking of the new setting has already sparked some great ideas, such as armor that (also) absorbs Mind or Soul damage, rules for construct player races (want to play a robot? 0010101!), magitech, and FTL travel in a Science Fantasy universe! I’m really excited about this one and I'm having a lot of fun working on it.

To wrap things up, I don’t know how much longer it will take to rewrite the Core Material. I’ve got a lot to do because I’m fiddling with the core stuff that reverberates throughout the Stage, which requires me to make tweaks big and small and rewrite entire sections of the books. But when it gets there, the result should be good.

Questions, comments, love, hate, declarations of eternal fealty? Let me know, here.

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