Adelfan Campaign

The crew and passengers of Halwr's Spear are shipwrecked on Svarttand Island. They find its people distant and silent, and they hear strange sounds at night...

To Adelfan!

The Deniza

Deniza Campaign

Free from the clutches of their former slave masters, five disgruntled heroes seek to find a way home through the Deniza Sea, where little is what it seems.

To the Deniza Sea!

The Monarchy

The Monarchy

Three convicts are sent to a prison installation on a remote asteroid, a place of many secrets. How far are they willing to go to escape?

To the Monarchy!

Silver Street Guild

Silver Street Guild

Five unlikely heroes are sent to a distant province to found an adventurer's guild. With no one to rely on but each other, they set out to claim fortune and fame.

To the Silver Street Guild!


Blomfjell Campaign

In the distant Villmark at the edge of civilization, five men of fortune aid a village with preparations for a festival. But sinister things are afoot in the wild...

To Blomfjell!



The orphan campaign logs that don't really belong anywhere and that do a remarkably bad job at being coherent or interesting to anyone but me.

To... variety?

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