The Stage is a free tabletop role-playing game. A tabletop role-playing game allows players to create a story with no limitations except those that they choose to impose on themselves. It’s usually played by two or more people.

There are many different tabletop role-playing games out there. Some will suit your needs better than others. To help you decide, here are four things that make the Stage stand out:  

  • Freedom. Players are 100% free to create the characters that they want to. Limitations in terms of character classes, paragons, professions, occupations, or roles do not exist on the Stage.  
  • Flexibility. The Stage is neutral; it will adapt to your story. Whether you want to tell stories of heroic fantasy, black comedy, epic science fiction, dystopian terror, or gritty realism, the Stage welcomes you.  
  • Tactics. On the Stage, there is no taking turns to smack each other over the head like in a puppet show. Characters respond and react to each other, requiring teamwork and tactics to get an edge.
  • It's free! All the core material can be downloaded in a simple .pdf file free of charge.  

If you want to create stories in any world you can devise, where players can create any hero or antihero they can think of, and where tactics and teamwork give you an edge, you should get on the Stage.

If you're looking for more material, such as adventures to play with your friends or settings to create such adventures in, then you will be able to purchase such material on this website in the future.

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