Previously, our heroes escaped into the jungle. They spotted a village to the west and decided it was their best chance of getting food and drink and finding a way off this prison planet.

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Thanks to the gooey substance that seems to live in the river, our heroes have plenty of light to make their way to the village. They believe the agents of the Monarchy might still be after them, so they decide to do a forced march. They walk for 22 hours.

That’s Quite the Forced march...

I’m not sure what went wrong here. The rules are clear on forced marches: characters can walk purposefully for 8 hours plus 1 hour per Athletics skill level every day. After that, they suffer 1 Body damage per hour of walking (see Core Rulebook, page 33). I’m pretty sure none of these guys had the Athletics skill level to match (it would be impossible, since skill levels don’t go over 6, and these guys had 2 or 3 at most). This means our heroes would have collapsed from exhaustion somewhere along the way...

I think I only made calculations for how long they could do without food and drink and just forgot about the forced march aspect. Oh well. You remember some; you forget some.

On Byzi’s watch, he sees the gooey substance return upstream again, which makes him think it’s some kind of nighttime predator. After a good eight hours’ rest, Byzi wakes up the others. They are starving and parched, but decide against drinking river water, considering the slime that lives in there. They do find some berries that seem edible at first, but closer examination reveals the berries are full of small insect eggs. Our heroes prudently decide eating them might not be the best idea.

Their only chance is the village. But they need to cross the river first. Byzi wades in and swims across to test the waters; they’re not too rough, and the others should be able to get across with his assistance. Byzi assists Liam, who has Oberth on his back. Together, they manage to cross the river safely. A short trek through the jungle delivers them to the village. It is encircled by a six-foot-tall wall with laser fence on top. Our heroes walk around the village, which at closer examination seems more like a factory, and find a gate with a reinforced road leading out into the jungle.

While they discuss how to scale the wall, a voice calls out to them from the other side. It’s a male voice, and it asks if our heroes are here to buy clones. Liam claims they are hikers, but his lie doesn’t sound very convincing. The voice asks if they’re armed, to which they reply in the affirmative. There is a short pause on the other side, then the man says if they come to the main gate and lay down their weapons, he will let them in.

Our heroes do as they’re asked, and the gate to the village opens to them. They are greeted by two clones. One introduces himself as 107 and explains this is a cloning facility. Now, he can see they’re in a state and he can help them. But, he adds, eyeing Liam who lied to him earlier, they will need to be honest with him.

107 Takes our heroes to an administrative shack and hands each of them a mug with powdered food and adds water to it. It’s bland, but it nourishes, and our heroes thank him. When our heroes ask if there is a way off this planet, 107 says there is a starport nearby. It’s military, but a shuttle comes in every few standard weeks to pick up and drop off civilian employees. The shuttles sometimes bring visitors to the planet, and 107 is sure you can book off-world passage from the starport on one of those shuttles. He gives them six bags of powdered food, a backpack, a pan, and some water. That should last them the journey. He’s happy to help a few lost travelers and doesn’t ask any more questions, instead showing them to the gate.

As they pass through the gate, Byzi decides to take a risk. He turns to face 107 and tells him he is on a mission of great import for the government. He orders 107 to give him a vehicle...

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