Previously, our heroes were dropped on a gladiatorial moon. Luckily, they manage to acquire some gear. Will it be enough for them to survive?

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After they have dispatched the strange ostrich-like beasts, our heroes explore the small building nearby. It has two floors. The ground floor is empty, but our heroes find a few sleeping bags on the top floor, as well as a crate with a bolt-action driver rifle with a scope: a perfect weapon for sniping. Byzi claims the rifle.

Our heroes decide to spend their night in this easily defendable structure. They make a fire, prepare and eat a few cuts of the meat of the ostrich-like creatures (after Liam has confirmed they is edible), and then rest. Before they sleep, Oberth disassembles the stairway so that nobody can sneak up on them.

Sleepy time I

Players often want to sleep whenever they have expended a few resources and feel that they can do so in relative safety. As I write this log, I realize these guys slept only a few hours ago and are unlikely to be that tired (or that lethargic). Recomposing (see Core Rulebook, page 10) would have made more sense.

The Core Rulebook contains rules on being deprived of sleep, but not on trying to sleep when one is not tired. I think it would make sense to have such a rule, but it will need to be very simple (i.e. you cannot spend more than 12 hours in any stretch of 24 hours sleeping or something like that).

This would also create an opportunity to introduce some new gear: sleeping pills for this sci-fi setting, and some mild sedative or drug in medieval fantasy settings. Of course, using too much of these drugs should be bad... mmmkay?

Oberth takes first watch. However, waiting around for eight hours in the warm jungle after having eaten his fill is a bit too much for Oberth. He falls asleep. At length, our heroes wake to the sound of voices below. Byzi crawls over to one of the windows to see what’s going on, and he is immediately fired upon.

Battle details

Oberth botched his Perception skill check, so he fell asleep. While he slept, three warriors competing in the gladiatorial games surrounded our heroes. These foes had 740 Character Points each (60 more than our heroes) and no combat skills above level 2. Still, they had the opportunity to get into position, and one of them controlled two simple drones. The drones had 300 Character Points each and no combat skills above level 1.

This battle was tough: the sniper outside was very difficult to draw a bead on because he had the upper hand in initiative: he prepared an interruption (see Core Rulebook, page 22-23) and fired at the first to show his face. In the beginning, Byzi managed to lay down fire on him and even hit him (although he inflicted no lethal wound), but when the sniper hit Byzi and nearly killed him, all courage left Byzi: he simply ducked and hid until Liam came to bind his wounds.

As Byzi struggled with the sniper, Oberth and Liam fought the drones and one of the fighters who climbed up and who wielded a big shiftblade. They managed to dispatch the swordsman and the drones quick enough, but were then at a stalemate with the fellow below, who pursued the same strategy as his squad mate outside: preparing interruptions to shoot anyone who showed himself.

In the end, after a very long discussion and several accusations of cowardice on both sides, Oberth drew fire from the sniper, allowing Byzi to take position in front of the window and eliminate the man, after which Oberth and Liam went down to deal with the last. Once he saw the hopelessness of his predicament, the remaining warrior surrendered, but Liam cut him down anyway, still caught in the heat of the battle.

After an intense fire fight, our heroes loot their enemies’ bodies. Liam takes happy possession of the shiftblade and the battle blaster rifle with scope that the sniper used. Oberth takes the heavy autoblaster that the other soldier carried. They also find some supplies on the sniper, including painkillers, physical stimulants, and a shiftpuck: an item imbued with Apportation magic that allows the wielder to teleport to the shiftpuck’s location. Unfortunately, it can only be used once, but our heroes expect it might be useful when they need to climb over the wall.

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