Last time, our heroes set sail for Codruscut with their prisoner Petros to round up the illegal slaver ring. The time has come to execute their plan...

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Day 86

Our heroes arrive in Codruscut on the Girisim early in the morning. Captain Azeer settles affairs with the harbormaster, while Kaan visits the Patruturle with Zikan and Razvan (who pose as his guards). When they arrive, a service is ongoing, conducted by a young and obviously inexperienced and nervous priest.

Kaan takes a seat in the front pews and waits until the service is finished, then speaks to the priest. He introduces himself as Gavril’s successor. The young priest immediately begins fawning over Kaan and escorts him to a side room, offers him a drink, and then leaves to round up the other priests so that Kaan may meet them.

There are eight priests working in the Patruturle in total. The youngest is not older than sixteen (Ismael), while the eldest (Jannic) needs to support himself with a cane and has a long gray beard. Once every priest has respectfully introduced himself to Kaan, Jannic verifies Kaan’s papers and then goes on to explain to Kaan the traditional duties of the high priest of the Patruturle. Among these duties are conducting sermons, speaking with the many pilgrims that visit the Patruturle, and attending events of state where the presence of the high priest is expected. Jannic suggests that the church should hold an initiation service for Kaan in about two days. In the meanwhile, Kaan may listen to the sermons as the other priests conduct them and get to know the city a little better.

After the meeting, Ismael brings Kaan to the high priest’s residence on the Patruturle Square. It comes with a servant, the elder Janos, and Kaan makes himself comfortable.

Meanwhile, Zikan and Erdan return to the Girisim to get their prisoner Petros and have him set up a meeting with the slavers’ contact Ernos. They first go to Petros’s house to pick up the key to the gate in the drain pipe that offers access to the castle. Zikan and Erdan are surprised to learn that Petros’s house is in a poorer part of town and very basic; they had expected Petros--who presented himself as a wealthy man--to live in luxury, but the opposite seems to be true. Erdan, suspicious, questions Petros and finds out that Petros also owns a farm to the south, but that he did indeed live here. Erdan also notices that the house seems disturbed, as if it was searched in a hurry and some things were removed. Finally, he asks if Petros has any money in his house, and Petros leads them to a loose floorboard where he keeps several heavy pouches.

After they retrieve the key and Petros’s gold, Zikan and Erdan return to the ship. They leave Petros’s ill-gained goods in Razvan’s care. Petros protests: he wants to know if he’ll get his money back. Erdan tells him that it’s been confiscated, but at least Petros still has his life, which is more than can be said about most of the slaves he dealt in. Petros shuts up about his gold after that comment.

Our heroes decide to set up a meeting with Ernos as quickly as possible. They question Petros about how they should go about this; Petros explains that he met Ernos in the tavern called the Bloodsong, where Ernos--who is a gambler and a drinker--usually hangs out between shifts. Our heroes decide Zikan and Erdan will accompany Petros to the tavern to set up a meet. It is already evening, and our heroes leave at once.

The Bloodsong tavern is to the south of town, not far from where Cipran was killed: a tall but narrow building squeezed in between two others. The place is rowdy and dirty, with people smoking opiates, drinking heavily, and gambling. Once inside, Petros takes the lead and brings our heroes to the bar. He gestures at the innkeeper, receives a beer, and then waits.

A while later, a filthy, lanky, scarred man with a pockmarked face comes to pick up Petros. Petros, Erdan, and Zikan follow that man upstairs through a hatch and into an attic. The man closes the hatch after them and then beckons for Petros, Erdan, and Zikan to sit down. He asks the others who they are, and they tell him their names. Our heroes are certain this man is Ernos.


They were certain it was Ernos because I accidentally called him Ernos...

The exchange between Ernos and Petros is strange. Both men say nothing while they look at each other. However, they are making all kinds of gestures (running their hands through their hair, picking their noses, whistling, drumming) that look suspect. Erdan especially becomes nervous. In the end, Ernos just says his shift begins in two hours and that they should meet him at the usual place after those two hours have passed. However, once this is agreed to, someone knocks on the hatch.

Erdan, jumpy as it is, gets up, ready to fight, but it turns out it is just the innkeeper bringing two mugs of ale. Without a word, Petros and Ernos calmly begin drinking their ale in silence. Erdan finally loses his patience and insists they leave. Petros protests that he hasn’t finished his ale. Erdan finishes it for him, and then ushers Petros out, relieved the “meeting” is over.

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