Previously, our heroes learned that the High Priest of Codruscut, Gavril, seems to be involved in the illegal slave ring. They plan to abduct him and his henchmen, Petros, for questioning...

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Razvan and Kaan use the remainder of the day to visit the Shieldbearer Tavern on Sverdlapolan Square North (number 17 on the map). Incidentally, this is where Zikan, Bogdan, and the late Cipran encountered Nicolae and killed him. Our heroes want to see if there is anything else they can learn here. They have a few drinks and observe: it is a rather seedy tavern with many a rough character.

At length, a muscular amurgi with an eyepatch enters, surrounded by other strong amurgi and several regelui. Razvan and Kaan notice that everyone makes way for them and that the other patrons of the Shieldbearer treat them with much respect. Curious, Kaan and Razvan ask one of the barmaids who the man is. She tells them he is known as Castar the Goat. When Razvan--an amurgi himself--remarks that it is racist to call an amurgi a goat, she just laughs.

Kaan and Razvan decide to have a chat with the man. They approach him and Kaan puts on a little act: he supports himself with his cane and acts much older than he is. Thus appearing as a wise elder, Kaan asks Castar if he walks in the light of Damas. Castar responds by saying this tavern is not a place for pilgrims and that Kaan and his friend had best mosey along. Kaan tries to get an invitation to sit with Castar and his men, but Castar blows them off; he is not interested in their companionship.

Kaan and Razvan decide to leave it at this for now, but they keep Castar the Goat in mind; he may be of interest in the future.

Finally, all our heroes return to the house in Westgate. They eat, set out a watch, and go to sleep.

Day 67

Our heroes continue the preparations for their grand plan. Razvan sets out to rent a small house a block away from the Patruturle with a basement and an attic where they can hold and question Gavril and Petros. Then, accompanied by Kaan, he heads down to the harbor to try to find the harbormaster and ask him about any suspicious ships showing up in Codruscut ofg late.

When they find the harbormaster and suggest they have an inquiry regarding the ships that have called at Codruscut’s port, he asks them to follow him into his office. The harbormaster offers Razvan and Kaan a drink, then sits down with them and asks them how he can help. Somewhat uncertain, Razvan asks if there have been any special cargoes lately, perhaps such as the qarim are wont to deliver. The harbormaster doesn’t quite understand, and Kaan tells him outright they want to know about slavers. Razvan subtly shows the harbormaster his pouch, filled with coins.

The harbormaster hints that he may know something, but then begins prattling on about administrative procedures, explaining that inquiries into the affairs of his customers--who are the customers of the city of Codruscut after all--must be lodged with the proper committee and approved by Her Majesty the Queen. Razvan places a silvermark on the man’s desk, but the harbormaster continues yapping about procedure, until Razvan has placed a total of five silvermarks on his desk. This is enough for the harbormaster, who begins talking.

He tells them a ship called the Serüven used to call at this port and deal with a man named Nicolae. The harbormaster is sure it carried slaves, for men would come at night to unload people rather than cargo. But Nicolae has passed away since. Kaan and Razvan ask the harbormaster who Nicolae’s replacement is, but the harbormaster doesn’t know. He does reveal that Castar the Goat might know more. When pressed about Castar, the harbormaster says he doesn’t know if Castar is truly involved in the slave trade, but he is guaranteed to know who’s who as he’s at the heart of the city’s more illicit affairs.

Then, the harbormaster hints that he knows a little more and indicates he needs something to freshen his memory. Razvan, already outraged by how much money they have spent, is done paying and tries to intimidate the harbormaster. Unfortunately, he fails. Kaan then tries a softer approach and attempts to persuade the man to speak anyway. Eventually, the harbormaster yields and tells them that he has on several occasions recognized one of the men who came to pick up the slaves by his pockmarked face as Ernos, a member of the castle guard.

Satisfied with the results of their inquiry, Kaan and Razvan ask the harbormaster to keep their meeting a secret and then leave. They return to the house in Westgate, where Erdan has spent the day preparing two doses of poison--one light and one heavy--for their plan to abduct Petros and Gavril.

Our heroes discuss the day’s findings. They agree that--although the harbormaster’s revelations are useful--Petros and Gavril are still their best lead and they should act on their plan to capture Gavril and Petros.

They will do so tomorrow...

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