Previously, our heroes battled the dragon Farhast. They emerged victorious but Sykke suffered wounds in the harrowing battle. Now, they must decide how to deal with their wounded and if their mission can proceed as planned.

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Wahn takes care of the wounded Sykke while the others prepare food, guard the fort, or set to work skinning and de-boning Farhast’s corpse. Wenning explains that while Farhast was obviously a stunted and degenerate dragon, his bones, blood, and hide should still fetch a respectable price in Sorwic.

Halred, uncomfortable with loose ends, searches the ringfort for any sign of Sithirnik, the human who came to treat with them on behalf of Farhast. He finds a few prints at the far end of the ringfort, stopping at the palisade. This leads him to hypothesize that Sithirnik probably scaled the walls there and fled into the forest.

When our heroes get ready to sleep, they can still hear the trow in the forest, singing their strange songs as they wander about. Around the end of the second watch, the songs fade into the distance and finally stop altogether.

Day 55

After breakfast, Wenning calls a meeting. Sykke has been terribly wounded, and while his life is no longer in danger, truly treating him is beyond the skills of the party’s medic, Wahn. Sykke needs constant care, and Wenning feels that they can neither take Sykke with them into the mountains, nor can they leave him--either alone or with Wahn--on the ship or in the ringfort. As such, Wenning wants to discuss and agree on a course of action. His idea is to return to Sorwic: the hide, bones, and blood of Farhast, together with the loot they have found, should pay for the expedition and leave them with a tidy little profit.

The others are quick to reject that idea. They understand that Jotte might be too much for them, considering that they had difficulty dealing with Farhast, but they still do not want to leave without achieving what they came to do. They take out the map, and consider their options.

At length, it seems a visit to the village of Faire Ghealach (in hex 8; see map here) would be the wisest course of action: they know that people live there who are least neutral toward them and may help tending Sykke’s wounds, or--if the villagers do not have the required expertise--our heroes might be able to leave Sykke in their care until they are ready to return to Sorwic. Also, they would be able to purchase new supplies and perhaps even hire a few extra spears for dealing with Jotte. However, our heroes remember the warning Siois Urloch gave them: the narrow pass that leads from the northern beaches to the village of Faire Ghealach was once the site of a great battle between the men of Faire Ghealach and the men of Adhmadbaile. The warrior-queen of Adhmadbaile, who fell in that battle, has her barrow along the trail, and she has become a malicious creature of undeath. Most of the adventurers are reluctant to pass through her territory (although Ena is very much interested).

Eventually, our heroes agree that there is no other option besides going to Faire Ghealach, unless they would seek to make a deal with Huga the giantess to the east, but they consider it highly unlikely that the giantess would want to help them. After some arguing, they convince Wenning as well, and our heroes set out to return to their ship on one of the northern beaches (in hex 6; see map here). There, they will drop off the dragon’s blood, hide, and bones and then continue to Faire Ghealach.

Our heroes travel through the East Dragonwoods (in hex 4; see map here), which is difficult with the wounded Sykke in tow. By nightfall, they are close to the river, and make camp.

Day 56-57

Our heroes spend two days traveling through the Dragonwoods. They ford the river in the morning of the first day. By evening of the second day, the trees are thinning.

Day 58

Our heroes arrive at the northern beaches (in hex 6; see map here). They trudge through the snow, leaving Ena to carry Sykke as their improvised stretcher is rather inefficient here. They arrive at Wuraf’s Blessing in the evening, store their supplies, and spend the night in the sheltered warmth of their ship.

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