• Playtest the Stage!

    The Stage is currently in its second run of public playtesting. Over the course of 2016, 2017, and 2018, I expect to play several campaigns to test the Core Material and the supplemental material, such as Setting Sourcebooks. I will publish the campaign logs right here on this website, and you can read about the development of the Stage as I proceed right here!

    Want to join in? You're more than welcome. Use this website to download the Core Material and contact me to get some supplemental material for testing!

  • Now playtesting: the Monarchy!

    A friend of mine recently pulled together a new group of players to introduce to the Stage. I was happy to run the game as GM, and we played our first session a few months ago. Unlike the other campaigns I’m currently in or running, this one is going to space...

  • Now playtesting: Adelfan!

    As announced at the launch of the new Core Rulebook, I’ve managed to pull together a few more friends to do some more playtesting. Our first session took place on 2 October. 

  • Now playtesting: the Deniza!

    On 11 September, we played our first session using the Stage’s new Core Rulebook. These are exciting times for me, as the Stage is slowly becoming what I set out to create.

  • Stories on the Stage: Adelard

    Throughout the world of Verden roam the Etterkin, men and women whose ancestors were enslaved and warped by the mysterious underground race known as the Etter. These magically apt people are marked by the Glimm, colorful patterns that glow whenever they use magic, and are often feared and hated by normal folk.

  • Stories on the Stage: Reclaimers

    Today, I give you the beginnings of a story in another setting I’m creating for the Stage (and shortly alluded to here). It’s a story about two reclaimers: mercenaries charged with restoring control on planets or installations that were lost during or in the wake of a Galactic War that shook the known universe.

  • Character Sheet available!

    My good friend Niels over at Could Be Worse (one of the best and funniest webcomics ever, go check it out) made a beautiful character sheet for use with the current beta version of the Stage.

  • Stories on the Stage: Upside-Down City

    Another Monday, another story! This week, we get the beginnings of another story set in the Stage’s science fantasy setting, the Spine. This is a story about the Bound, a race of symbiotic, intergalactic beings that migrated to the Spine and conquered large sections of it during the Galactic War.

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